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  • Respect & Compassion

    Respect & Compassion

    I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate your company and the people you employee. We never think we’ll need your service until we do! I was unfortunately in need of your services in July and feel fortunate to have had Greg Hoffman and Joe Marshall as the team to help at my home.

    Greg was the first to arrive and he was so helpful. His care and compassion was nearly unbelievable. I didn’t know what to expect and of course was quite distraught. His patience and kindness made all the difference. He helped with the insurance process and was very knowledgeable about the steps to follow. I was never rushed or made to feel I was taking too much time. He made sure I understood what he and Joe would be doing and about how long it would take. I had no surprises and that was comforting in itself.

    Joe arrived a short time later and was very quiet and unobtrusive in assessing the job to be done. He’d been there for a while before I realized he was even on premise! The men were a great team and everything was handled with true respect and compassion. They were fast, efficient and quiet. Your choice of employees is spot on. It takes special people to be able to handle such difficult circumstances with dignity and grace.
    I know this may seem “flowery” but my experience was truly as I’ve described. I received your company information from the Advocate with the Westminster Police. You have to be top notch to be included in their information packet. And, YES YOU ARE! Thanks again for your services, your attention to detail in hiring and the hard job everyone has to perform.

    Lynne B.

  • Dedication


    Wanted to thank you and your team for your dedication and responsiveness to our families needs .
    Over the past few months you all have gotten us out of many binds. It Is very appreciated.

    TJ V.

  • Respect & Compassion
  • Dedication